What is Expo 2015? – Rai Expo


“Knowledge, experimentation, dreams and wonder. A unique experience for participants and visitors. Something to travel for. The story of the future. The entire world in a single city.

In 2015 the World’s Fair comes to Milan.

The ideals have not changed: spreading knowledge, improving the human condition: communities coming together and governments cooperating. The topic is a great new challenge. Is it possible to guarantee a good, healthy, sufficient and sustainable diet for all of humanity? The 2015 Milan World’s Fair is the place for questions, ideas and solutions.

Scientists, businesses, governments and citizens from all over the world are imagining a world where nature and development are in harmony. For six months, the participating countries will present their technologies, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity when it comes to food. It will be a playground of flavour, a show of art and technology on themed pathways, full of water and green areas, showing the habitats of every continent. But there will also be entertainment, trends and lifestyles.

2015 Milan World’s Fair – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

The main source of information on the 2015 Fair is the exhibition’s official website. You can have a look at how the exhibition site will be laid out. If you want to find out about absolutely everything, you can download the topic guide (more than 80 pages) which is used by participating countries to plan their halls. The official Bureau International des Expositions site clearly explains what a World’s Fair is and what the difference is between world exhibitions and international exhibitions (Milano is one of the former, the biggest exhibitions).”