Sport and diet, a long history


Once, there was a widely held belief that sportspeople must eat animals with the same characteristics of the sport that they played. And today?
Since antiquity, sportspeople have always followed a particular diet. The story starts in 500 BC when Milo of Croton ate up to 9 kg of meat a day in order to be able to beat his opponents. But that’s not the only curious element of sports diets.
Runners used to eat antelope meat, jumpers gazelle. Each discipline was associated with a particular animal.
But was this right? Did it truly improve the sportsperson’s performance?
Nowadays, there are supplements, used in all sports categories.
Many sportspeople use maltodextrin, branched-chain amino acids and powdered protein, which can be found everywhere, even in the supermarket.
But how much of an effect do they have on sporting activities?